LG Neon II Review

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PROS / The LG Neon II has touchscreen capabilities and a physical keyboard.

CONS / Only 240 minutes of talk time are available on this budget cell phone.

VERDICT / This phone is filled with multimedia features that make it feel like an advanced smartphone.

Smartphones seem to do it all. You can browse the internet, have hands-free conversations and play music directly from your cellular device. The only downsides to these advanced gadgets are the heavy price tags that come with them. For all the features but a much smaller price tag, you can purchase a budget cell phone, such as the LG Neon II, that makes you feel like you’re using a fancy cellular device. The LG Neon II is our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner because of its social network capabilities, beautiful touchscreen and 2.0MP (megapixel) camera.


When picking up this budget cell phone, one of the first things you will notice is the large touchscreen on the front of the device. The 2.4-inch display screen features 240 x 320 pixel resolution, which provides crisp colors and clear images. We found the touchscreen to be responsive with little lag time. The touchscreen provides a virtual keyboard that's easy to type with; the buttons are large enough that you won't hit the wrong keys on accident.

Underneath the large touchscreen there are five buttons that help you navigate the device's interface. We like the addition of the physical buttons, and particularly for any individual who dislikes only using the touchscreen capability, these controls give the phone a little more versatility. Aside from the virtual keyboard, a full physical QWERTY keyboard slides from behind the device. We loved having the option of a physical keyboard, even though we found the virtual keyboard simple to use. The physical buttons are large so even those with larger hands should be able to type easily and accurately on this keyboard. The keys are also backlit making typing in darker settings much easier.

The sliding keyboard gives the LG Neon II a little extra weight and bulk. This budget cell phone is 0.6 inches thick and weighs 4 ounces. It certainly is not the most compact device on the market, but it is still small enough to fit nicely in most pockets. The LG Neon II provides 80MB of internal memory storage along with 16GB of expandable memory. There is plenty of memory provided on this device to ensure all the contacts, music, images and even some video can be stored on this budget cell phone.

Call Features

We were pleased with the calling features provided on the LG Neon II budget cell phone. This cell phone provides all the basic calling features such as caller ID, call waiting and conference calling. We were impressed the phone book on this device can store up to 1,000 contacts. This large amount of storage prevents the hassle of going through your contact list and deleting current contacts to make room for others. The device features a speakerphone that we found mostly produces clean sound; though at times it was a little fuzzy.

The ability to voice dial was one of our favorite calling features offered on this budget cell phone. Voice dialing allows you to say a number or name aloud and the phone will dial for you. The LG Neon II dialed correctly most of the time with a few exceptions.

This budget cell phone provides four hours of talk time on a single battery charge. Talk time is used when any of the displays are active. Four hours gives you adequate time throughout the day to browse the internet, send text messages, capture photos, watch videos and listen to music. If you listen to music on a frequent basis, four hours may seem to go quickly, but if you charge the device on a daily basis, you should have no problems with this amount of talk time.

An adequate amount of standby battery life is available on the LG Neon II. Standby battery life is the battery that drains when the phone is on but not in use. This budget cell phone provides up to 264 hours of standby time. If you don’t constantly use your device for multimedia features, this phone will last days on a single battery charge.

Additional Features

The LG Neon II truly shines with its vast selection of multimedia features. The camera is a standout feature with 2MP (megapixel) resolution, 2x zoom capabilities and the ability to capture live video. We were impressed with the images captured on this compact gadget because they had decent colors and were crisp and sharp. This cell phone also comes with a music player that we found enjoyable and simple to use. We were able to create our own playlists and manage our music collection. You should have no problems navigating throughout the music player and had no trouble finding particular artists and songs. The player also features MusicID, which gives you the information for the song currently playing.

A few additional features that spruce up this cell phone are the 3G capability and USB connectivity. This cell phone also has Bluetooth connectivity that makes it possible to have phone conversations hands-free. If you drive a lot, Bluetooth is an absolute must-have.

The LG Neon II provides all the basic tools to make your life a little easier. You get a calendar, alarm clock, calculator and text messaging. These tools are designed to increase your productivity and make you more efficient throughout your day.


The LG Neon II is a budget cell phone that gives users a vast selection of features. It doesn’t feel like a budget cell phone with all the included features, but the price tag tells you otherwise. The 2 megapixel camera, easy-to-use music player and responsive touchscreen are just a few multimedia features that enhance this cell phone.