LG Optimus T Review

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PROS / This budget cell phone offers visual voicemail and FM radio capabilities.

CONS / The LG Optimus T has a measly 320 x 480 pixel resolution.

VERDICT / This budget cell phone has the feel of a more advanced Android device.

The LG Optimus T gives you all the features you desire in a highly advanced smartphone. This cellular device allows you to browse the internet, take pictures and have access to hundreds of apps, while using a simple interface. The Optimus T is our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner because it offers a variety of smartphone features at the cost of a budget cell phone.


A responsive touchscreen is a key ingredient for a budget cell phone that feels like a smartphone. The LG Optimus T includes a 3.2-inch touchscreen with 320 x 480 pixel resolution. The screen is large for a lower-end smartphone and is ideal if you are looking to use your phone for multimedia features such as video playback or even browsing the internet. We were disappointed with the low screen resolution. The 320 x 480 resolution does not allow for crisp and clear images that are ideal for watching videos or TV shows from your cell phone.

A virtual keypad is the only way to navigate around the phone aside from four small buttons located at the bottom of the display screen. The keyboard is responsive, but there is a little lag time when responding to key commands. This budget cell phone is only 0.5 inches thick and is the ideal size if you like to carry your phone in your pocket or fit it nicely in your purse or bag. However, it weighs 4.5 ounces, which is heavier than many similar devices. Because this device lacks a physical keyboard, we were surprised to see this device contains the extra weight.

The LG Optimus T comes with the Android 2.2 operating system. This setup is similar to previous Android phones with all the same features such as customizable homescreens and social networking. Because this is a lower-end cell phone, we weren’t able to enjoy all the features of Android 2.2 system such as Flash 10.1.

Call Features

You can talk hands-free using the speakerphone on the LG Optimus T. A speakerphone is the ideal feature if you talk frequently on your cellular device while driving or accomplishing other tasks that require both hands. This budget cell phone also features visual voicemail, which transcribes your voicemails so you can at least get a quick idea what the message is about before you even listen to it. This could be handy in many situations – checking voicemails in a meeting, screening messages from salespeople, and just saving time in general. Your messages appear in an inbox similar to an email inbox. We were disappointed to see the LG Optimus T does not include a voice dialing feature. Voice dialing makes it possible for you to say a name or number aloud and the cell phone will automatically dial or find the information stored in the phone.

The LG Optimus T provides 390 minutes of talk time. It also offers 432 hours of standby time on a single battery charge. The amount of talk time available is adequate for this budget cell phone and will provide several hours of battery life for listening to music, talking on the phone, sending text messages or exploring downloaded apps. The amount of standby time available on the Optimus T is a benefit to using this phone. The standby time available on a single battery charge allows you to power your cell phone for days and even weeks if you use it sparingly. If any of the phone’s displays are active, your battery life will quickly drain from your available talk time.

Additional Features

One of the advantages to using this budget cell phone is the vast amount of features this cellular device provides. Internet capabilities are available, but in order to access the web, you must include a web service in your cell phone plan. The LG Optimus T has access to the Android Market, which gives you hundreds of apps to enhance your budget cell phone. If you have web capabilities, you can access email accounts and send or receive personal or work related emails.

There are several multimedia features available on this cell phone. These include a music player where you can store, organize and listen to your favorite songs and artists. FM radio capabilities are another addition to the music player, along with a 3.5mm audio jack so you can plug in and listen to whatever song you want, at the volume you like, without disturbing those around you. The device also has the ability to store and watch videos on the 3.2-inch display screen.

The LG Optimus T features a 3.2MP (megapixel) camera that captures fairly crisp and vivid pictures. For a camera available on a mobile device, we were impressed with the sharpness of the photos it took. The camera also has the ability to capture video and play back the recording directly on the phone.

Aside from all the advanced features this cell phone possesses, it also includes basic multitasking options. These features include a calculator, alarm clock and calendar. This cell phone also provides Bluetooth and GPS capabilities to enhance the device.


The LG Optimus T is a smartphone with the budget phone price tag. You can surf the internet, listen to music, capture images and navigate the device using a responsive touchscreen. Overall, this budget phone provides a smartphone experience at a lower cost.