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Nokia 6350 Review

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PROS / Dual LCD screens and an excellent media player are a few strong features available on the Nokia 6350.

CONS / The controls on the exterior of the phone are small and hard to use.

 VERDICT / With so many multimedia and design features offered, the Nokia 6350 is an ideal budget phone.

The Nokia 6350, is a solid, reliable budget phone that gets the job done for a very reasonable price. It is clear example of how much the cell phone industry has progressed in a rather short time and how much more we, as consumers, expect of our phones than we did just a short time ago. Initially we expected budget phones to facilitate the placing and receiving of calls on the go and not much more. The Nokia 6350 sports a feature set that would have been available on very few devices.


The Nokia 6350 is a sterling example of what an excellent, but basic, cell phone should be. It’s perfect for just about anyone who doesn’t need all of the power user functions of a smartphone or doesn’t send so many emails and text messages that a full keyboard becomes a necessity.

This budget phone has a most agreeable design. Its flip phone design is great for slipping into a pocket and, when open, offers that gentle face contour that makes flips generally more comfortable for making calls than other popular designs. It feels sturdy with a satisfying snap to the open or closed position and the slightly rubbery, soft touch finish feels good in the hand while virtually eliminating the annoying smudges that mar slicker surfaces.

The outside face of the 6350 has a 1.36-inch LCD screen that displays typical phone status information plus photo caller ID. It’s small but vivid with a 160 x 128 resolution.
Inside, the main display is 2.0-inches, measured diagonally, and is bright and clear with 240 x 320 pixel resolution. At first look, the rather flat keypad gave the impression that it might not be too user friendly because of a lack of tactile feedback. Surprisingly, it turned out to be quite pleasant to use in great measure because of the rather large size and generous spacing of the keys. They can be used for typing text (SMS) and multimedia(MMS) messages, email and instant messages. There are dedicated keys for bringing up the web browser, camera and GPS function.

Call Features

The Nokia 6350 has an integrated GPS receiver for turn-by-turn direction finding when coupled with a subscription to AT&T Navigator. Talk time on this budget phone is estimated to be up to 252 minutes with expected standby time being up to 432 hours.

Additional Features

The camera includes 4x zoom capability but there’s a lot of room for improvement. Still photos are lackluster and rather lifeless. We suspect this could have been avoided if Nokia had included a flash. Video recording is also available on this budget phone. Stills and video clips of up to 42 seconds in length can be easily included in multimedia messages. The Video Share feature even allows for sharing live streaming video with others who have compatible devices. Internal memory is limited to a paltry 52MB so if any of the multimedia features are going to be used much expansion with a MicroSD card will certainly be in order. The phone accepts cards up to 16GB.

There are also very small, touch sensitive controls on the outer face of the Nokia 6350 for controlling the excellent music player. The controls would be a little easier to use if they were just a bit larger and we found them to be somewhat slow to respond. The headphone jack is a non-standard 2.5mm job so using most good wired headphones will require an adapter. Happily, there is Bluetooth stereo so wireless headphones are supported.

This budget phone features iDEN Push-to-Talk connectivity. That’s the nationwide walkie-talkie feature that is favored by many industrial users as well as public safety officials and lots of individuals. It allows for instant contact of another individual or a designated group of people.


The Nokia 6350 is a great phone for a wide spectrum of users. It’s not a smartphone with all of the industry’s most news worthy functions but it doesn’t pretend to be. Still, it does offer capabilities that are more than adequate for most cell phone users and is an excellent bargain.