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Samsung m240 Review

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PROS / This budget cell phone offers bilingual menu support.

CONS / There is no support for Bluetooth connectivity on the Samsung m240.

 VERDICT / This phone lacks the features to make it a competitive product in the cell phone market.

The Samsung m240 is nothing but your basic cell phone. This budget phone makes phone calls, sends text messages and offers internet access. It lacks camera, email and music capabilities, along with Bluetooth connectivity. However, if you don’t care about all the frills, this phone has everything you need.


The Samsung m240 features a flip design that is large compared to similar products. This budget phone is 0.74 inches thick and can feel like a brick in your pocket. It has a bulky appearance but feels durable and able to withstand a few accidental drops. The 2-inch display isn’t large, but the colors are vivid and the screen is bright.

This budget phone is simple to use and anyone can easily navigate around this device. The menus are straightforward and the keypad is large. The keys are easy to press for such a compact phone.

Call Features

There are nearly 390 minutes of talk time on the Samsung m240. This amount of battery is adequate, but for a basic phone we expected more battery life to be available. Conference calling is available, along with a dialed, missed and received call display. The phone’s address book can store up to 500 contacts, which is an adequate amount of information, but it is small compared to several similar budget phones.

The call quality on the Samsung m240 is adequate, but a lot of background noise and static can be heard on the other end. The noise isn’t enough to completely interfere with your conversations, but if you are in the market for a phone to use mainly for making calls, you will be disappointed with this phone’s call quality.

Additional Features

The drawback to using the Samsung m240 is its lack of advanced features. The basic features offered include text capabilities with t9 predictive text. There is also an alarm, calendar and memo pad to help increase multitasking and productivity. One of the cell phone’s standout features is the bilingual menu support. This feature allows you to view and navigate the phone in either English or Spanish. If the phone is in Spanish, you perform all tasks in Spanish, including texting or typing.

There is internet access on the budget cell phone that allows you to browse through webpages. This internet access gives you the freedom to download games, applications or ringtones. Having the internet accessible to you is a benefit to using this device; just make sure you have web access available on your cell phone plan to prevent any unwanted and costly fees.

The Samsung m240 lacks camera and video capabilities. There is also no audio support, which is a large drawback to this cell phone. That means this budget phone does not support a media player or radio capabilities. There is also no support for Bluetooth connectivity.


The Samsung m240 is a basic cell phone. This budget cell phone lacks a music player and a camera. It also lacks Bluetooth capabilities and has a bulky flip design. But if you only want your cell phone to make phone calls and send a few text messages, this budget phone offers you everything you need.