• TopTen Signs You Are a Cell Phone Addict



    10. You read the Tech News daily in hopes that Bluetooth implants will soon be available.

    9. You name your phones and bury them in your own little cell phone graveyard when they die.

    8. You plan your driving routes, where you live and where your work around signal dead spots.

    7. Your first question on a first date is, “Who is your cell phone provider?” Depending on the answer, there may or may not be a second date.

    6. You can send a text message behind your back with your left hand while taking a geometry test with 98.7 percent accuracy … and still get a B+ on the test.

    5. You occasionally hear your phone ringing even when it isn’t (also known as phantom ringing).

    4. When you leave your cell phone at home, it's a major emergency that requires you to turn around and endure an hour of extra rush hour traffic to retrieve it.

    3. You think that ringback tones are “dope” and are willing to spend money for someone else’s listening pleasure.

    2. You answer the phone while in the restroom and then pull your sleeve over the phone to buffer the ‘bathroom echo’ that occurs while talking in the restroom.

    1. You just asked yourself, “Does pulling your sleeve over the phone really work?”

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