Full Preview of Nokia's Mysterious Tablet, the RX-51

By Dan Hope Aug 21st, 2009

Various sites in the vast interwebs have been teasing us with images of something new from Nokia; some new tablet or MID variously called the Rover, N900, or more recently the RX-51. But you don’t have to sit and wonder what it is any longer because this new device has been extensively previewed for you.

Mobile-Review.com confirms that the RX-51 is actually the start of a little revolution at Nokia because it heralds the move to the Maemo 5 OS from the S60 platform. The move to Maemo also indicates that this device is intended specifically to be an internet tablet … of sorts.

Nevertheless, the RX-51 is still a phone, primarily, with the same slide-out keyboard design and basic size of many smartphones. Mobile-Review.com really spent a lot of time with the phone and has an exhaustive rundown of all the hardware features (no really, it’s gobsmackingly detailed), so if you want to know some gritty details or you just want to admire the design, check out the full article.

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