Google Adds Location-Based Feature to Mobile Searches

By Dan Hope Jan 15th, 2010

Yesterday, Google announced a new feature that will make it easier to search from mobile phones. Now, when using Google’s search engine on a smartphone, Google will take into account where the phone currently is and tailor the search to show local results.

Google’s location-based search may raise a few privacy concerns for people who don’t like companies to know exactly where people are, but the new feature can be quite useful to those who want to find a nearby restaurant, store, park, government office, acquaintance or anything else local. The reasoning behind it is sound too: Searching on a phone is usually more frustrating than using a computer, so taking out additional steps and making the results more applicable to each user is definitely a benefit.

The feature is only available to Android powered devices and the iPhone for now. In order to use it, turn on the "Save recent locations" and "Allow use of device location" options in the settings menu on the Google home page.

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